A Writing Conference Can Change Your Life

    Ohio Christian Writers Conference Comes to Columbus Area November 1-3

    Could three days change your life?

    Have you dreamed of having your work published or landing that big book contract?

    It could happen – but not if you don’t do something about it.

    You have a chance to put your pen to paper and talk one-on-one with leaders in the Christian writing world the first week of November in Ashville, Ohio just south of Columbus.

    Serious Writer, Inc will host the Ohio Christian Writers Conference Nov. 1-3. Here is the link to register, and you’ll even find my picture on the faculty page:

    Going to a writer’s conference completely changed my life for the better.

    It all happened for me at the Florida Christian Writers Conference in 2017. I was new to the “business” and was signed by my fabulous agent Cyle Young, with Hartline Literary Agency. Eighteen months later, I have a published book – Buckeye Believer; 40 Days of Devotions for the Ohio State Faithful, and my second one – Bengal Believer; 40 Who-Dey-Votions for the Cincinnati Faithful, will be released in November.

    This is your chance to tell them why they need to publish your work.

    And to top that off, I have a third scheduled for release in February 2019, another in August 2019 and two in 2020.

    But these accomplishments didn’t just happen. First came preparation and prayer – and going to some writing conferences.

    I must admit the best part of going to a writer’s conference has been the lasting friendships I have made.

    What happens at these conferences?

    First of all, the fellowship and worship services are amazing.

    Combine this with breakout sessions on a variety of topics such as how to prepare a book proposal or how to build your social media platform.

    This year at the Ohio conference, I will instruct a class and give tips on how to conduct an interview with a celebrity. There is an art to this and some do’s and don’ts. I will also talk about writing for One Christian Voice and its affiliates (including this website).

    I signed a contract to co-author a book with my friend and best-selling author Michelle Medlock-Adams at the recent North Carolina Christian Writers Conference. Our agent Cyle Young made it all happen.

    But perhaps the best part of the conference is your opportunity to sit down and “pitch” your book, manuscript or movie to an agent, editor or publisher. This is your chance to tell them why they need to publish your work.

    Who knows? You might leave the conference with a contract with an agent like I did at the Florida conference.

    A writing ministry has saved me in many ways from myself. I have a tendency to self-destruct, and my writing pulls me back in to reality – that along with my wife.

    Writing is a therapist who does not charge but will tell me if I don’t make sense. And when I do something positive, it rewards me with a warm and long-overdue sensation of self-worth and personal accomplishment.

    Writing is a familiar
    old friend
    who always welcomes me
    back home.

    Here are the top five reasons I enjoy writing:

    • Writing inspires me. When I start an article or blog, I have an outline in mind. However, each new sentence and paragraph takes me down a different road, and it leads to a new lesson or outlook by the time I am finished. I have started out with one topic in mind and have finished on a totally different subject. I love that. I become excited and emotional when the creative part of writing takes over. I cannot fully explain it – but it thrills me to see where it takes me.
    • Writing makes me reflect. For example, I wrote a blog about Father’s Day. The entire time I sat at my computer to type, I recalled my dad and the great times we spent together. The experience made me examine my time as a father. There are times when I doubt I was a good father and think about how I could have done things differently. But when I see how my sons have turned out, I have to concede I must have done something right. My wife Angie did a wonderful job when I messed up, which was frequent. I spend more time reflecting than writing at times.
    • Writing puts situations in proper perspective. When I write about the events of my life, I realize how much I depend on my family and God. I also appreciate the many blessings the Lord has tossed my way. I see how fortunate my life has turned out and how blessed I have been.
    • Writing makes me learn. No matter what I am going to write about, I do some research in advance so I don’t come across as ignorant or write something false. Because of this, I have shoved in all sorts of crazy minutia which makes me an excellent Trivia Pursuit player.
    • Writing makes me humble. I feel this way at times when I retell all the wonderful experiences I have lived. Over the years, I have been honored to receive awards, and I have met some fabulous professional athletes and established great friendships because of my hobby. Over the past several months, I have listened to many heartwarming stories that broke my heart and inspired me at the same time. I am humbled when I hear from total strangers about how my stories have impacted them. I have received remarkable comments from people all over the world. At times, I feel like I make a small difference on the planet, even if it’s only for a moment.
    I signed a contract to co-author a book with my agent and author Cyle Young at the recent North Carolina Christian Writers Conference.

    Writing is a familiar old friend who always welcomes me back home. For many years, life got in the way, and I either wrote sporadically or not at all. Now I have returned to this journey without any questions asked about where I have been. Just a warm invite to enter and express my thoughts as I wish. No comments or snide remarks. No judgment. My heart and mind on paper once again – along with a cup of coffee on my desk.

    All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3: 16 KJV)

    What inspires you? What makes you put life in perspective? What is your passion? Will you attend the Ohio Christian Writers Conference? Could this be the start of your ministry?

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