English Audio Bible Project Will Be Epic

    A production of an audio Bible in English is expected to be done in epic proportions.

    Polish actor and director, Krzysztof Czeczot, announced that he is working on an audio “super production” of the Bible, promising to wow English-speaking audiences. Enlisting the voices of hundreds, including an ensemble of A-list actors from Hollywood, Czeczot guarantees an experience like no other.

    The Audio Bible uses binaural recording, a new technology that creates “3D sound experience” to listeners, where recordings will be like watching a “movie without images.”

    When you close your eyes, you should be in the middle of the story, because the word has power, but also, the word has a space. —Krzysztof Czeczot, Polish filmmaker

    In an interview with Aleteia, a Catholic news website, the highest-grossing Polish director said, “As a filmmaker, audio producer, and director, I want the Audio Bible to feel like a cinematic audio experience.”

    To get a realistic feel of the Bible, Czeczot and his team went to Israel to record “the sounds of the spirit of the place.” He revealed that they recorded the sounds of the people and animals in the place where stories from the Bible happened. “When you close your eyes, you should be in the middle of the story, because the word has power, but also, the word has a space.”

    The Audio Bible is projected to be the most epic audio drama in the world and Czeczot aims to give listeners a legendary experience. Czeczot’s Polish Audio Bible has sold 145,000 copies and its YouTube channel, “The Audio Bible Project,” has over 5.4 million views. He hopes the English Audio Bible will be a “beautiful tool for everyday reflection and practice for millions of Americans and English-speaking users around the world.”

    Czeczot’s team has already several innovations planned for the English edition of the Audio Bible, including having women narrate New Testament readings. The 41-year-old filmmaker said the $1.5 million project will be a collaboration of people from different walks of life. He said, it is an “initiative supported by a huge crowd of people, those who are closer and further from the Church, believers and non-believers, people of other cultures and religions, with different world views, a cultural and social project.”

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