Hope Among the Ashes in Northern California

    The Camp Fire in Butte County in Northern California is being logged as the deadliest single fire on record since the 1933 Griffith Park fire in Los Angeles. (AP Nov. 12, 2018). The town of Paradise has been lost and the images we are seeing of the loss and destruction are completely heartbreaking.

    Yet, there is hope among the ashes. The following pictures taken from the Foster City Fire Depts. Face Book page showing firefighters rescuing a cat along with this short story, also taken from FCFD’s Face Book page.

    Photo Credit FCFD.
    Photo Credit FCFD.
    Photo Credit FCFD.
    Photo Credit FCFD.





    “While out on patrol today on the #CampFire, FCFD E28 crew could hear a cat meowing on a property they were checking. They were able to locate an injured cat in the bushes on the property. Firefighter Downing was able to coax the cat out and as you can see, an instant friendship was formed. The cat had burns to its whiskers and bottom of its paws. E28 crew were able to get some much needed food and water for the feline….who was named “Foster” by the way. E28 crew cared for Foster until they were able to contact local animal services who are now treating and caring for Foster. Scenarios like this will often boost the spirits of Firefighters who have, for days, witnessed nothing but tragedy and destruction. We are proud of the compassion and dedication our Firefighters show to not only their own community, but to other communities in need. We look forward to their safe return after the mission has been completed.” (Source FCFD Face Book page).

    Donations made by Brentwood Residents. Photo Credit Love In Motion.

    Closer to home in Brentwood, CA (NorCal) local ministry L.I.M. or Love in Motion, so named because they represent a portion of the olive tree as they extend an olive branch to those in need bringing the love and peace of God to all, along with Campos Family Vineyards and Freedom House Church, has partnered with non-profit Oroville Hope Center in gathering much needed supplies for those who have been displaced by the Camp Fire.


    As of November 13, 2018, Oroville Hope Center has these needs:

    1. Immediate need of Non-Latex Gloves in medium, large and x-large.
    2. Can Openers.
    3. Warm Gloves.
    4. Cereal.
    5. Fruit.
    6. Bread.
    7. Hair Brushes.
    8. Hair Ties.
    9. Sleeping Bags.
    10. Air Mattresses.
    11. Tents.
    12. Kid’s Underwear.
    13. Heavy Blankets.
    14. Towels.
    15. Mens large shoes – specific sizes not given.
    16. Gift Cards – Visa, Grocery, Target, etc., which can be mailed to Hope Center 1950 Kitrick Ave Ste A, Oroville, CA 95966.

    Donations can be sent to 3501 Byer Rd, Byron, CA 94514.

    To learn more about Love In Motion you can visit them at

    To learn more about Hope Center you can visit them at

    Article first appeared on Norcal Christian Voice

    About the Author
    Terese Belme is the Editor of Northern California Christian Voice. Her passion is to come alongside others and encourage them in their identity, authority, and inheritance in Jesus as ambassadors to the kingdom of God. Terese is a contributing author to Inspire Christian Writers “Love” (2017) and “Kindness” (2018) Anthologies.

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