London Church Under Fire for Satanic Fashion Show

    A church located in London has apologized after it received criticisms for hosting a satanic fashion show.

    St. Andrew’s Church in Holborn allowed Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu to use its sanctuary on September 18, 2017 for showcasing her Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

    Vogue magazine described the Turkish designer as an “up-and-coming rebel of the fashion world.”

    The church’s altar was transformed into a runway, decorated with Masonic-inspired imagery and demonic symbols.

    The models paraded down the aisle, which was turned into a catwalk. They wore vampire- and satanic-inspired costumes. Some donned inverted crosses, horns and other occult-themed accessories, reports TruNews.

    Vogue magazine described the Turkish designer as an “up-and-coming rebel of the fashion world.”

    Clerics denounced the fashion show and called it “blasphemous.”

    In an interview, Findikoglu said, “I’m into parapsychology and all the occult and magic stuff, so when I was reading those books, they thought I was going to be a Satanist.”

    The Anglican church said it had always supported London Fashion Week. Many lambasted the church for accommodating Findikoglu’s show.

    “We took this booking in good faith and were not aware of the content or design before the show took place. This was obviously a mistake, and the content of this show does not reflect the Christian faith of the Church,” said St. Andrew’s Church.

    Moving forward, the parish said it will scrutinize every booking and will be strict in offering the venue for events in the future.

    Clerics denounced the fashion show and called it “blasphemous.” Former Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, said the satanic theme of the show was “not acceptable,” The Daily Mail reports.

    “Christians will be outraged. This was not necessary to do. In the sense that Christ’s name is being dishonored, it is blasphemous,” remarked the bishop.

    He added that churches should not promote anything that “dishonors Christ or contradicts the Christian faith.” He chastised the historical church and advised it to be more cautious in the future.

    Mail Online

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