Sidewalk Advocates for Life Opens Local Chapter in Toledo, Ohio

    On May 4th, 2019 I attended a five-hour training seminar developed by Sidewalk Advocates for Life out of Allen, Texas, a national organization working towards saving lives of pregnant women and their babies. After reviewing this program the following is my assessment.

    I found the training to be competent, thorough, and not only applicable to those seeking to serve in this type of ministry, but I found this material also to be of great value to any chaplain, pastor or full-time minister that works with women and men in situations that involve pregnancy issues.

    Topics covered in their training material are:

    • How to Help Abortion-Minded Woman
    • How to Help Abortion-Minded Friends & Family
    • How to Help in Difficult or Unique Abortion Situations
    • How to Help in Non-Abortion Situations
    • How to Help Post-Abortive Women
    • How to Help Abortion Workers

    The following information can be found on “Sidewalk Advocates for Life” website under their “About” link on the top menu bar.

    Vision & Mission

    To train, equip, and support local communities across the United States and the world in “sidewalk advocacy”: to be the hands and feet of Christ, offering loving, life-affirming alternatives to all present at the abortion center, thereby eliminating demand and ending abortion.

    Spirit of the Program

    Sidewalk Advocates for Life takes a peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding approach to reaching out to those servicing the abortion center. We seek to be the hands & feet of Christ and to ‘stand in the gap’ for those who, ironically, may feel they have no choice. While we provide crisis intervention on the sidewalk to women in unplanned pregnancies headed into the abortion center, we recognize that our outreach can only go so far: we must offer her real, ongoing help or crisis management. Our interaction never ends without offering her life-affirming alternatives such as help from the local pregnancy resource center (s) and other organizations in her local community.

    Main Elements of the Program

    • Sidewalk Advocacy—Sidewalk advocacy refers to crisis intervention in front of the abortion center. It involves actively encouraging a woman to choose life, empowering her to leave the abortion center, and ministering to all present to bring about a conversion of heart from a culture of death to a culture of life, thereby ending abortion. Traditionally known as “sidewalk counseling,” sidewalk advocacy is a re-branded term that emphasizes the peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding methods of this ministry with love as its centerpiece.
    • Prayer—Prayer provides the foundation for everything we do, for apart from God we can do nothing (cf. John 15:5). We encourage the local program to match prayer partners to Sidewalk Advocates, and for Sidewalk Advocates to counsel together in pairs. Additionally, we encourage the local community to come together periodically for prayer and fellowship to discuss ways to grow and celebrate all that God is doing through the local program.
    • Community Support—We bring together the Body of Christ, cross-denominationally, to pray for and support the local sidewalk advocacy program. Community members are invited to become Sidewalk Advocates by attending a local sidewalk advocacy training. Additionally, we encourage the local community to come together periodically for prayer and fellowship to discuss ways to grow and celebrate all that God is doing through the local program.

    If anyone has an interest in this type training and involvement, you can contact this group through the following information:

    Local Chapter
    Sidewalk Advocates for Life
    Joel Berry
    jberry @

    National Headquarters
    Sidewalk Advocates for Life
    906 W. McDermott Dr. #116-209
    Allen, TX 75013

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