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    Vietnam Opens First Christian Public Library

    The first Christian public library in Vietnam has opened in July after waiting six months to get the approval of several agencies of Vietnam's Communist Government.

    Andrea Bocelli Unveils New Album ‘Believe’

    World renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli announced that he will release a new album based on faith, hope and love.

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    Christian Minority Takes Charge in COVID-19 Fight in Bangladesh

    Christians in Bangladesh play a key role in the country's fight against Covid-19.

    John Crist Returns Online After Months on Hiatus

    Christian comedian John Crist returns online after months of silence in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal.

    Christian Faith Shapes Hobby Lobby’s Business

    Hobby Lobby President Steve Green is proud to say that his Christian faith is the driving force behind the billion-dollar business.

    Youths in Papua New Guinea Urged to Continue Christian Traditions

    A ritual in Papua New Guinea for girls coming-of-age became a platform for a parent to urge young people to uphold cultural and Christian practices.

    Situation Improves for Christians in Egypt

    A church leader in Egypt said it is now easier for Christians to practice their faith after decades of persecution.

    New App Connects Christians in America

    A faith-based group recently launched a social media application that aims to connect Christians throughout the country and spread God's love through action.

    YouTube Rejects Faith-based Org’s Ad with ‘Christian’ Keyword

    When the founder of a Christian veterans group tried to post an advertisement on YouTube, his ad was rejected for using the keyword 'Christian.'

    Egypt Legalizes 127 Churches

    Egypt approved on July 1, 2019 the legalization of 127 churches and church-affiliated service buildings in the country, making the total number of registered places of worship to 1,021 since the implementation of a new law in 2016.

    Egypt Legalizes 156 Christian Churches

    Egypt legalized 156 Christian churches and church-affiliated buildings on March 5, 2019, making the total number of registered churches in the country to 783.

    Christian Bookshops in the UK Plea for Survival

    As people become more mobile, buying Christian materials are now done online and this caused many Christian bookstores in the UK to close shop.

    ‘Anti-Christian’ Hostility in France Condemned

    Religious groups condemned the series of attacks against churches in France. To date, there are nearly a dozen incidents of hostility in Catholic churches across the country.

    REVIEW: ‘Green Book,’ Racism and Christianity

    Shirley knows he will encounter restaurants that won’t feed him and hotels that won’t house him. That’s why he and Tony take along the Green Book