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    UK Churches Exempted from the ‘Rule of Six’

    The UK government announced a new set of Coronavirus restrictions that limits social gatherings to a maximum of six people. Churches, authorities clarified, are exempted from the latest guidelines.

    UK Churches Prepare for Reopening

    The UK government issued new health guidelines as churches prepare to reopen on July 4.

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    Christians Fear Govt Systematically Closing Churches in Algeria

    Christian charities warned that the government of Algeria seems to have a campaign to systematically shut down churches and other Christian institutions in the country.

    Churches Convert Spaces For Freelancers

    More and more people are now working from home that faith organizations are opening their spaces to accommodate the needs of telecommuters.

    Syrian Christians Fear Genocide Ff Turkish Invasion

    Christians living in northern Syria fear of genocide after an imminent Turkish military buildup along the border. Turkey is targeting a Kurdish group believed to be a terrorist threat.

    Christianity Growing in Syria In The Wake of ISIS

    A town in Syria, once bombarded by ISIS for months, now sees a growing number of families converting to Christianity.

    Rebuilding Christian Sites Begins in Syria

    The Russian Orthodox Church and the Vatican have forged a partnership to rebuild Christian sites in Syria. The church leaders agreed to implement a plan on how to reconstruct Christian churches and monasteries in the war-torn country.

    U.K. Christian Students Want Churches to Be Open to Change

    A recent Student Christian Movement survey found that many Christian students in the U.K. want churches to embrace change.

    Hundreds of Church Planters Learn In Birmingham, AL

    Hundreds of church planters and their lead teams converged in Birmingham, Alabama to set the foundation for future churches across the country