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    Sidewalk Advocates for Life Opens Local Chapter in Toledo, Ohio

    On May 4th, 2019 I attended a five-hour training seminar developed by Sidewalk Advocates for Life out of Allen, Texas, a national organization working towards saving lives of pregnant women and their babies. After reviewing this program the following is my assessment. I found the training to be competent, thorough, and not only applicable to those seeking to serve in this type of ministry, but...

    How is Life to be lived?

    It is amazing how different we all are when it comes to personal interests. There are people who fish, travelers, scrapbook enthusiasts, gardeners, birdwatchers, restorers of old cars, photographers, mountain climbers, historians, doctors, cooks, skydivers, painters, landscapers, musicians, joggers, poets, bug collectors, mathematicians, comedians, animal lovers, star gazers, architects… Whoa!! I had better stop before I fill the entire article with a list of...

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    Death: Life’s Final Hurdle

    Recently I have been dealing with the issues of death on the behalf of others. This has led me to some observations about the...

    Trump Vows to Defend Life During Prayer Bfast

    US President Donald Trump pushed his pro-life stance during the annual National Prayer Breakfast on February 7, 2019 in Washington D.C.