True Purpose Girls Conference Inspires Young Ladies

    The Lore Family will host the sixth annual True Purpose Girls Conference on Friday, April 20, from 6-8:30 p.m. for girls ages 10 and older. This youth conference will take place at the Cornerstone Church of the Nazarene, 12138 Gallia Pike, Wheelersburg. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted during the evening.

    Fayth Lore once again directs the evening. She debuted True Purpose as a senior in high school in 2013 and hosted it previously at the Songs Theater inside the Wheelersburg Cinema and at Plymouth Heights Nazarene Church in Franklin Furnace. The crowds in attendance have continued to grow, so the venue for the youth conference moved again this year to Cornerstone to make room for more young ladies.

    This year’s theme verse is: Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him. James 1:12 KJV

    She says this year’s youth conference will focus on the pressure young girls face in their daily lives— pressure that can lead to something even better. Consider how diamonds are created due to heat and pressure: Diamonds are unique because of the special conditions that create them…when carbon-bearing ore is exposed to these high pressures and temperatures, the carbon atoms are arranged into a crystal structure called a diamond lattice. As more and more carbon atoms are compressed, a diamond stone begins to form. (Source:

    The Hawk Nelson song, Diamonds, talks about how when the pressure is on, God is “making diamonds out of us.”  “We will talk about the pressures we have in our lives from family, school, etc.,” said Fayth. “But in all those things, God is working everything together for our good.”

    True Purpose focuses on girls ages 10-16, but all women over the age of 10 are welcome. Mothers and guardians are invited as well as youth leaders who hopefully will bring their youth groups. “We will help these leaders connect with the girls more and learn about what they may be facing,” she said.

    She was inspired to start True Purpose after she spoke at some women’s conferences with her mother, Sandy. During the music at one such gathering, Sandy turned to her and said, “I think we need to do something like this for young women your age.”

    The wheels began to turn, and she felt God speak to her, “Just do it.”

    Around 100 girls came the first year, but last year’s event welcomed 330 in attendance, and this year, even more are expected.

    What happens at True Purpose?  “We change it up every year,” she said, “but we also do some of the same things.” Fayth will serve as the keynote speaker, and a team of college students will make up the rest of the worship team. She and her brother, Samuel Lore, will be singing. Levi Nelson will be on the piano, Eli Reffit will be on the guitar and also singing along with Becca Martin, Tori Reffit, and Tiffany Porter.

    “I want to show these girls they can get involved when they are young and active in church,” she said. “They don’t have to wait until they are older.”

    A photo booth will also be available, and Kimber Johnson will be doing the photography.

    Special guests this year include:

    • Austin May who uses his artistic talents to glorify Christ by painting live in front of an audience.
    • Expressions of Grace, a drama team from Cornerstone who performs sign language.
    • Glow, a team of girls who turn out the lights and perform a dance routine to the song Glow by Britt Nicole.

    Kelly Sanders of 7th Street Christian Baptist will serve as the emcee for the evening, and her daughters, Emma and Hannah will lead the audience in playing “Minute to Win it.” Sandy will also speak at the end of the service.

    Several local businesses have donated prizes for giveaways, and Fayth says every girl will leave with something.

    But the prizes are not the most important part of the evening. “We always have a goal of bringing girls to know Christ,” she said. “I want girls to experience Jesus like they never have before when they come to this conference. We try to create an atmosphere of worship where they can let down those walls and insecurities and feel welcome.”

    The girls hear the message of Jesus Christ and how they are beautifully and wonderfully made. “We encourage them to recognize how God created them uniquely and created them for a specific purpose only they can fulfill,” she said. “They are loved by God, and He has a plan for their life.”

    The Lore Family hosts several events during the year, but this one is most precious to Fayth. “This is really my heart,” she said. “I love singing, and I hope to do it for a very long time. But when I am up on a platform or in a classroom speaking to young girls, that’s my comfort zone, where I belong, where I am most fulfilled—where I feel like God is really using me. This is my passion.”

    You may register to attend True Purpose HERE.

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    Article first appeared on Southern Ohio Christian Voice

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