Women in Bible Study Show Less Stress and More Patience

    A new survey found that women participating in a Bible study program report positive changes in their attitudes and relationships, reports Catholic journal, The Tablet.

    According to the report, women who complete the Walking With Purpose course have shown less stress in their lives. This Bible study program at Catholic parishes in the US is a great source of inspiration and a valuable instrument to have a closer relationship with God.

    When you put Christ first in your life, the rest falls into place. —Lisa Brenninkmeyer, Founder of Walking With Purpose

    The survey, conducted by nonprofit organization, Walking With Purpose, asked 7,880 women on how the Bible study program affected their lives. Ninety-one percent of the women claimed that they are better at managing stress while 94% said they feel they have more patience with other people.

    “[The Walking with Purpose Bible study] has greatly impacted my personal life; I am a happier, more grateful person and I can keep the stress in my life in perspective,” commented one participant.

    In terms of personal connections, 90% respondents said the Bible study helped improved their relationships with family members, and 93% reported an improvement with their friendships. “I now appreciate family and friends more than I ever had,” said one respondent.

    Lisa Brenninkmeyer shared that she founded the Walking With Purpose program to meet the need of young mothers for a more relevant Bible study.

    “I’ve spoken with countless women at dozens of parishes over the years, and it always warms my heart to hear how their lives are being transformed by Walking with Purpose, in so many ways.” She added, “When you put Christ first in your life, the rest falls into place.”

    Reading the Bible regularly not only builds a stronger relationship with God, but with other people as well.

    In the recent “State of the Bible” study conducted by the American Bible Society, it showed that 21 million people read the Bible for guidance, wisdom and understanding everyday aspects of their life. Bible readers are seen to be more generous with their time and money, and more tolerant of people from other races.

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